Sunday, July 11, 2010

The group returns to Guatemala City........

We met for breakfast and then began the day. Many people headed out to the market to find the best sales. The streets were not packed so it was a good day to wind through the streets.

Mom and Paige in the courtyard of the hotel.

We had an ice cream social with 5 of the ABC children. I did not get many photos so maybe some can be sent to me to be posted.

This is Dad and parents ABC Child. He and his parents traveled for 2 hours to come and see my parents.

Sarah and Rick met Paulina, their ABC Child.

There were 31 of us together and it was fun. Again, it is a great program that offers medical and dental care for children while promoting education and involvement with the local church. The program is continuing to grow ad if anyone is interested in helping, please email me.

It was hard seeing the group leave. I really enjoy it when people come to see what is happening and it is sad to see them go........especially when some of them are your family and close friends. It was a great week........but time to get focused on the next group that will be about 2 hours!!!

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