Friday, July 30, 2010

Clinic in Mactzul II

It has been a long time since I have been to Mactzul II. I drove the Suk up to Santa Cruz and met Josefina. We drove to Mactzul and Tomas met us there.

Josefina asked me if I had heard about the bad accident last Friday. She told me what she knew about it. It was while she was telling me that I remembered there were people in that area the day that Manuel and Martina picked me up for the clinic in La Estancia.

An ambulance was there and many people were looking over the cliff while they they were securing ropes to the trees. Apparently, the driver was intoxicated and did not make the sharp turn but went over the cliff. It was late in evening and there was no one on the road to help them. The next morning they found the truck. Josefina's dad heard about the accident and went to see it. While they were searching, they found a baby that had been stuck in the branches of a tree! Amazing! It was still alive! Unfortunately, two people did die.

There were no patients waiting when we arrived and Josefina said that this is very unusual. We eventually had 8 patients for the day. Tomas did not have any dental cleanings :( So, we used the time to go over the new educational material. We talked about the importance of the patients understanding their medicines and how to change habits to assure better health in general.

This is the area the members of the church pray with each patient. I was told that they always have this up to talk with or pray with each patient..........and they did.

One baby was brought in by her parents. Josefina told them that they really needed to go to the hospital. The baby was close to being 2 months old but very small. The mother did not want to go but Josefina was very patient with her and explained many times the importance of going and why. We told them that they could ride with us and we would take them to the hospital. They finally agreed and we were to meet after lunch and then we would go to hospital.

After we packed up, we went to the house so they could ride with us. The husband came out and said they had changed their minds. They now were going to go to a private doctor. I sure hope this is the truth because that baby may have problems and they might not have a way to the hospital.

Tomorrow is clinic in Chuchipaca..............another day and another adventure!

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