Monday, July 12, 2010

Visiting the Mactzuls

We headed out to three different areas today.......Clinica Carris, Mactzul III and Mactzul I. The group that is with us this week is from the Donnelson Church of Christ in Tennessee.

Josefina and Marcos had their regular clinic in Lemoa.

One group went to Mactzul I to help with the construction. This is the newest photo I have of their building. It was a dreary morning but eventually the rain cleared so the guys could get the work done.

It was much larger than I imagined it was.

Right as we left to go to the other clinic, the guys started working.

The drive to Mactzul I is not far. The clouds were still hanging low in this area.

We set up clinic to see the ABC Children and we saw 35 children.

Everyone getting ready to check in the children.

Neva showing us the tricks that she knows :)

It was a good day and we were able to serve in different areas. We hope the rain holds off tomorrow so the guys can get more work done in Mactzul III. The medical crew will head off to Xepocol for another ABC Clinic.

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