Friday, July 9, 2010

Clinic in Mactul V

We enjoyed breakfast today and then loaded the bus and trucks for Mactzul II and Mactzul V.

Our group went to Mactzul V. This is the new church building they are building. I have not seen it since it was started and I was very surprised at how large it is. Some of the guys helped move the cinder blocks an helped out with some of the construction activities.

This is dad and Neva after we had lunch and were returning to work.

Mom, Dad and Paige worked in the dental area today. This is Jim and Barbara....they are my Diet Dr. Pepper suppliers!

Rick and Sarah were in the other Mactzul today. Sarah worked with the children's activities and Rick prayed with the patients after their consult.

Lisa, Lesca and I saw the medical patients today. There were 37 medical patients, 38 ABC Children, 66 dental patients and 8 patients for dental cleaning.

These were some of our happy patients today.

We arrived back at the hotel at 6:30, just in time to get ready for diner.

We had another good devotional and then it was time to head home.......................tomorrow another day, another adventure!!


Anonymous said...

Where is elmo (paige)

Anonymous said...

is bunny enjoying the trip ask elmo