Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pass that Pica Mass........

Today we headed to Xepocol for another ABC Clinic. It was cold and dreary but we survived!

Checking out the equipment that is available for dental. Paco is on the right side of the photo. This is his first time to the Highlands and he has been a big help with this group.

Still getting ready for clinic........discussing the game plan!

Checking out the temperature probe before we started seeing the children.

Some of the dental and medical crew......................

Today we had chow mein for lunch with tamalitos. It was a wonderful lunch and a huge carboburst! This group was introduced to Pica Mass yesterday at lunch and we had it again today.....it is a hit! It makes great gifts, it is very inexpensive and easy to transport back to The States. Friends and family, put your order in for Pica Mas!!

We had a patient today that was diagnosed with diabetes. His blood sugar was 350, he has been weak for a year and has lost about 40 pounds. The patient is costumbre, which is a great opportunity for us to teach him about Christ. We will see what happens. If he returns to clinic, lowers his blood sugar and feels better he might be open to hearing about the gospel.........this is what it is all about!

We saw 12 regular patients, 27 ABC Children and 32 dental patients today.

Tomorrrow we will head to Zacualpa!

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