Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Clinic in Zacualpa

We started out for Zacualpa early this morning with 2 trucks........Josefina, Tomas, Manuel, Gaspar, Jackie, Laura and I.

We had a good drive up without any problems.

We are beginning to see some of the same patients return to the clinic each month. Last month, one of our regular patients was at clinic. When I examined her eyes, immediately, I recognized they did not look as they had in the past. One pupil was much larger than the other and this is not a good sign. Josefina gave the lady directions to Solola, where there is a eye specialist. She went the next day and he told her she had developed glaucoma. He gave her 3 different eye drops to use, including steroids and now she is feeling much better without any pain.

Jackie watching as one of the girls is playing through the window on a ladder.

We eventually had 25 medical patients and one patient for dental cleaning.

We drove back to the hotel for dinner, our nightly devotional an then headed home for the night.

Tomorrow we will go to Mactzul V to finish an ABC Clinic there.

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