Saturday, July 17, 2010

whew.........a time to chill.......

I returned to Chichi today after the Donnelson group left the hotel. It will be a few days to chill and regroup. It has been quite a busy few weeks with MET winding down, the ladies Bible class, the large group here and then the Donnelson group. Whew.........................but it has been good!!

Most of our groups focus on medical care so the Donnelson group was a little different. They were a group of ten people and they primary were here for construction work. They started building the bathrooms for the Mactzul III church and almost have it completed. I have not seen it yet so I do not have any photos.

I worked 2 days with Dr. Tomas and enjoyed that. I appreciated the way he greeted introduced himself to each patient. He was very kind with patients and they also appreciate it.

Our nightly devotionals were led by Dan. I want to let you know that one of his favorite books is Ecclesiastes, which I will never forget. He would place The Bible in the middle of the circle and people were encouraged to read their favorite verses. It took a few minutes for people to warm up to it but once people were comfortable, The Bible was being passed from hand-to-hand. It is a good reminder to always carry your glasses with you or you will have to recite your favorite passage :)

I have a few photos from 2 weeks ago that I did not mom and dad.............

My mom and I playing with my other family in Paxot II.........and Jenny on Rick's lap.

Mom and dad with Noe, their ABC Child. Dad's new hat is a gift from the parents of Noe.

My parents with Rick and Sarah.............I think Paige was pulling teeth when we took this. Maybe she has applied for dental school :):):)

OK, that is all for is good to be home. I went to the used bookstore before I left Antigua. and bought Volume I of the Sherlock Holmes stories. I started reading it and so good.

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