Saturday, July 10, 2010

Clinic in Paxot II

As usual, we enjoyed a good breakfast and then went to different clinics. Today we had clinics in Chuchipaca and Paxot II. Everyone gathered outside and and got checked into the clinics. We saw medical patients, ABC Children, dental patients and offered dental cleanings.

This is the dental area as they were getting started for the day. Maury and Paige assisting the dentist. Paige eventually pulled three teeth during the day and I think it was the highlight of her trip!

Rick worked with the children through the day.

Sarah painted finger nails for the little girls.

When it was time to break for lunch, we went to visit the family that I lived with during the MET program. It was exciting to return and see them and it was also exciting for them to meet my family.

There was a lot of excitment as we entered. They had placed pine needles on the floor for us and the kitchen smelled so good. We had a lunch of grilled steak, beans, salad and tamalitos.

Martina asked if we wanted to go into my room. Everything remained the same as when I left. Paige and my dad played jacks with Angelica on the floor.

We all gathered outside for a quick photo before we needed to return to clinic. From left to right........Rick, Sarah, Paige, Mom and Dad with Martina and her mom.

It was a busy day with 27 medical patients, 46 ABC Children, 56 dental patients and 5 dental cleanings.

We returned to Chichi and then walked around town before it was time for dinner.

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