Friday, July 23, 2010

Clinic in La Estancia

Today I went with Manuel and Tomas to their clinic in La Estancia. It is a clinic that I use to go to a couple of years ago but not any more. Since it is not one of my regular clinic, I was hesitant to take out my camera until I was behind the house.

We had 14 patients for consult, 15 for dental and 4 dental cleanings.

One of the lady's came in for a headache. I asked her how often it hurts and she told me that it is primarily when her husband hits her in the head. Domestic violence seems more common the longer I am here.

Another family brought in their 65 year old mother. She has had a hernia for about 2 years. She has been to see two different doctors but her family can not pay to have surgery. Hopefully, they will take her to Chichi and see Dr. Tom. I hope that he will be able to help them.

When we had a break, I went outside to get a few photos. La Estancia is in an area that is flat and very pretty.

I remember this pig having babies the last time I was here. I did not see them today so I am wondering what happened to them???

When I took this photo, the thunder was rolling in the distance.

When I got home later this afternoon, I was answering some emails and heard a loud noise outside. Somehow, some dogs were able to get in the yard and were harassing Nakko. Before he got hurt, he would have been able to handle himself but he can't now. When I went out inside, he ran out though a gate that had been left open so out I went looking for him. I know his weak spot.........bread. I returned home in 5 minutes with Nakko at my heels.

Tomorrow, Lisa and I have a pap clinic in Lemoa. She also mentioned that a lady will come for an EKG. It will be a good day.

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Mom said...

I feel so bad for Nakko!!!! Give the poor dog all the bread that he wants!!!