Monday, July 19, 2010

Do you really like living in Guatemala?

I have had people ask me in the last few weeks if I really enjoy living here in Guatemala. It is a common question and yes, I really do enjoy living in Guatemala.

Yes, there are different challenges here but there are challanges no matter where you live. No matter what you are doing there are always hurdles to jump and accomplishments to be made.

Today, I went to the bank and deposited a check. About 2 hours later, the man from the bank called me and said that they needed me to sign two more papers. He offered to come to my house for the signature but I told him that I would return to the bank. I appreciated his offer but thought it better to return to the bank.

The computer guy came to the house today to hook up my new computer since my old Dell died. He comes to my house almost every month to collect the monthly fee. When I have problems with my internet, he usually is here in about an hour......always ready to help.

On the way to town, I was almost tackled in the street by a patient. His enthusiam startled me but when I realized who he was and it was because he was feeling better, it was nice. He is a diabetic patient from one of our clinics and had lowered his blood sugar quite a lot.

I talked to the family in Paxot that I lived with for a few weeks. They enjoy it when I call just to see how they are doing. Martina told me that one of the cats died and the children miss me. They asked me if we could go and get icecream again. I told them that we will do it sometime but I am not sure when it will be.

Yes, I do enjoy living here in Guatemala. I know I will return to The States someday and that is ok........but today is all I have, so today I will be content here.

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