Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday in Quiche and Chichi

I full intention of going to the lake and just chilling for two days but after the rain last night and the thunder we had during worship, I decided to just stay here.

For several weeks now, they keep announcing that we are to start at 9 AM,, on the dot, but the doors are not open and no one is there. I just take advantage of it and have a cup of coffee and watch some cartoons with the kids of the restaurant.

Well, my least favorite preacher was preaching today so on these days I usually read something or keep myself distracted. He was calmer today than he usually is and his message was about life, death and was a fairly good message.........................until the parade went by.

Now, most people would let the band pass and then pick up where you left off..... but not this man. The band irritated him.......the music irritated him.......he was irritated that he was not as loud as they were so he decided that he would show them........he CRANKED up the volume on the PA system and belted louder. As the band got louder, he got louder! He must have realized how ridiculous it was because I thought for a minute he was smiling. For me, it was very humorous.

After we closed, he reminded everyone that we are suppose to start at 9AM. The gentleman next to me spoke up and said, "Are you sure about that time? We have been here and the doors have been closed. Even today, they were not opened." The preacher thanked him for his input, knowing that he himself had not arrived before 9AM.

I stopped and saw Magda and she felt a little better today.

It was a good day.......caught up on laundry, cleanning and just hung around. It rained all afternoon so it was better that I did not go to the lake.

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