Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mactzul VI

We were back in Mactzul VI today. It was just a few short weeks ago that we were here with large group so maybe that is why today was, as it was.................

Gaspar told Lisa and I that there had been some deaths in Xepocol. For that reason, yesterday was slow. Unfortunately, one of them was a very small child. Only God can give comfort and peace to a family when they are suffering a loss as this.

When we arrived in Mactzul, Lisa was asked to visit a lady that lives down the road. She apparently has been very sick and in a lot of pain. Since there were not patients to be seen, we jumped in the truck with some medicine for the lady and headed down the road. When we asked where the house was, Lisa was told to stop in front of the two pilas. It seemed that everyone in the community was getting new pilas.

When we arrived, the patient was in the bed under many blankets. People gathered around the bed as we entered. Lisa examined her and found a significant urinary tract infection. Lisa explained the medicine and then everyone kneeled by the bed as Juan prayed.

When we returned to the clinic, there were still no patients to be seen. After lunch, six patients came for a consult.

Tomorrow, we will have clinics in Lemoa and Chichicastengo. The clinic in Chichi is a new one that Josefina will do every 15 days. I hope that we have many, many patients.

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