Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another day full of adventure...........

Sorry, no photos today..........just the story.

My internet was in and out most of the day..........mostly out. I was trying to book a flight to Florida and honestly, it took over 2 hours.

Kemmel let me take the Suk to Quiche to do some things I needed to do. I visited Josefina's mom and returned some books that she let me use. She asked me how the ladies Bible class went and I told her that I thought it went well. The ladies want some more classes but the problem is with our schedule.......just not easy to fit them in.

I left there and went to visit Magda. As soon as she opened the door, I could tell that she was not well. She had fallen in the street earlier in the week and was taken to the hospital. I sat and had a cup of coffee with her and we talked. While we were talking, she asked me what our soul is.

The question surprised me since she is very strong Catholic even though she makes it clear she does not believe in saints. Anyway, I gave it my best shot in Spanish. She seemed to understand me and from time to time would make a comment. I wanted to talk to her more about people in the New Testament but was not sure about the Spanish names.........don't ya hate this language barrier??? I told her that I would bring my Bible the next time I visit.

She talked about her son dying when he was in his early twenties.........I listened. I had heard pieces of the story before. I always enjoy spending time with her. She does not think that she will live much longer and that is sad. She said that she will go worship with me on Sunday if it is not raining............we will see. She has been 2-3 times with me and seems to enjoy it.

Tomorrow I go to clinic with Manuel and Tomas. We will have clinic in a place called La Estancia. Hopefully, we will have a good clinic with several patients.

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