Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chutzurob and flat tire......

Today, we had clinic in Chutzurob.

When I went to Lisa and Kemmel's to get the truck, we found the truck had a flat tire.....ahhhhhhh!!!
Kemmel called Marcos and asked him to stop by the house and we would load the clinic equipment to his truck and we would fix the flat after clinic.

We had a wonderful clinic in Chutzurob with 25 medical patients and 15 dental patients.

This is Tomas and his family.  Tomas always helps us in the clinic and is concerned that his children do not eat very much at home.  I think it is because they are eating too many cookies and chips and drinking bottles of Coke at school.   I mentioned doing a nutrition class in the next few months and it went over well so we will plan on that.

This young man was waiting bravely for his visit with Marcos and Martina.

You have heard me mention, "Oh by the way......." stories.  Here was a good one from today.  A mother brings her 6-7 year old child in, who 4 days ago, stuck a bean up his nose.  He is not in any respiratory distress and as I mentioned, it has been in there for 4 days.

I look and look but can not see anything.  She said that they had dug some of it out but there is still some of it left inside.  I did not doubt her but I just could not see anything. Yes, his nose is red and irritated but I can not find a bean.  I offer to let them ride with us and we can take them to the hospital. She then says, "No, we did that on Saturday......oh, by the way, they told me I need to take him to Xela to see a specialist to get it out."

Yep!  You still need to go to Xela!  I hope she does what was recommended before he grows some bean roots in his nose :)

We finished clinic and then returned to Chichi and got the tire changed. Manuel drove the truck home and will come back to get us in the morning before we go to Xepol.  

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