Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two more classes

Today, Josue went with me to help with the classes.

The first class was in Chuguexa and it was a Diabetic class.  I was disappointed with only seven people in the class.  Even though the class was small, they kept the questions coming.  I enjoy that!

We finished the class and went back to Chichi for about an hour.  I went and bought more peanuts for the next ABC Class in Paxot II.

The afternoon class was in Choacaman IV and this was the Gastritis Class.  We only had six people in this class.  During the class, the heavy rains began!!  And I mean HEAVY.  Josue and I just looked at each other and started laughing.  This happened several times because we knew we could not return to the truck in this rain.  After about an hour, the rains finally slowed and then stopped.  I was very thankful.  I was not looking forward to the idea of us sleeping on the floor at the church building.

Josue drove back up to the main highway.  He did a good job and I enjoy watching the promoters do new things.  Of course, we need a little more practice before he sets out for his license.

On the way home, Josue and I talked about the ladies Bible classes that we are doing. He was sharing with me how much faith he thinks that the ladies have.  Many times they attend the worship and do not have any idea what the scripture says if they do not speak Spanish. This is becoming more obvious to me the longer I am here and the more it saddens me.

I am sure that tomorrow we will have another adventure!

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