Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some catch up........

A few things have happened that I want to let you know about.

Jane and Joe came to Chichi last week to visit us.  It was Joe and Jane that got us started in helping babies with cleft lips and palates.  One of the very first babies was Edison.  This is Joe and Jane as they celebrated Edison's fourth birthday!

This is Edison the day before he had his surgery.  What a difference some people have made in the life of Edison and other babies.  Thank you, Joe and Jane!

We were able to enjoy dinner together one evening.........Kemmel, Lisa, Jane and Joe.

Please check out their blog site at

Another blog that is a very good one is that of Lisa and Kemmel.  A few days ago they did a recap of all the employees here in the highlands.  It was a great blog and I think you would enjoy it.

Their blog is

We try to maintain the blog sites to keep you to date on the work that is being done.  We all enjoy doing the blogs and also hope that you enjoy them.

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