Friday, May 18, 2012

Ladies Class in Mactzul VI

Mauri and Martina went with me to class this afternoon.  It was the first class for the ladies in Mactzul VI.  I always tell the classes I enjoy their questions but that also means that I will also have questions for them.

So my question for you is, "What is the most depressing thing to happen when you are teaching a  class?"  My response will follow in a minute.

The class was much larger than I had anticipated.  There were about 45 ladies with about 15-20 children and young people.  Martina took a few photos for me. The guys set up the microphone for us before we started.

Ana Maria translated for me.  She did a great job.  As I mentioned the class was larger than what I had anticipated.  It was difficult to get participation and people did not seem to remember the class last week.

We talked about meeting next month to begin a Bible Study on Discipleship.

Well, for me it was a discouraging class.  The response to the above question is that, many of the ladies went to sleep during the second part of the class.  I tried different techniques to keep them awake but just could not do it.  I could not get them month is going to be a real big challenge!!  I hope that I am up to it!

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