Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clinic in Chutzurob

This morning, the guys and I headed to Chutzurob.  We had a good clinic with nine patients. 

Manuel and Josue worked with taking vital signs and the pharmacy.  Gasper went on a home visit with one the the men from the congregation. 

This is one mother and son that came to the clinic today. 

On the way home, Josue and Gaspar wanted to practice driving.  Josue started and then Gaspar finished up on the dirt roads.  They both did great and it is nice to see their confidence grow.

Tomorrow, Gaspar is going to follow-up with the diabetic lady that we saw in clinic last Thursday.  After returning to the clinic, her blood sugar has dropped but Ruben found an abdominal mass.  Her family is not interested in helping her so Gaspar is going to visit with the family in the morning.  I just hope that they will get the ultrasound done so we can see what we are dealing with.

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