Saturday, May 12, 2012

This morning, I met Manuel at Lisa and Kemmel's house to get the truck.

The guys were welcomed with a flat tire! Ouch! They quickly changed it and then we were on the road.  When we arrived in Santa Cruz, we stopped and had the tire fixed and changed it out with the spare for our travel.

We arrived in La Palma about 90 minutes later than we were suppose to but were met by friendly faces.  This area does not have electricity so the challenge to do a good class is even more difficult.   Neither is there water here, so be brought water so we could do the hand washing exercise.

We sat under the pine trees and had our class.  You can see the bundles of things under the trees at the top left of the photo. We opened with a prayer and they are very thankful for the ABC Program and also are thankful for the work that Kemmel and Lisa have done for this area.

When we talked about sources of protein, we ate a few peanuts.  After we talked about hygiene, we headed down to the truck.  We gave each student a tooth brush and talked more about the importance of brushing.  We then practiced washing hands.  We had two igloos with water so we had two washing stations.  The families washed their hands together and then the parents inspected the hands.

I took a photo of each family and will get their photos to them.  There are two congregations represented here.........La Palma and Las Cuevas.

This is Agostin with his family.  He lives in La Palma and helps at every clinic.

When we finished with the class, we returned to Santa Cruz.  We stopped and a guy swapped some of the tires around.  Then we finished traveling back to Chichi.

Please check out Lisa and Kemmel's blog at
They have some exciting posts of new work that is being done in the area. The church is really growing and it is exciting to see this take place.  If anyone is interested in helping with some financial assistance with the vehicles, please let us know.  We really appreciate any help that can be offered.

I am sure that next week will be as exciting as this weeks was!!  I will keep you posted!!

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Very nice picture of Noe's family!