Saturday, May 26, 2012

ABC Class in Paxot II

This afternoon, we had the ABC Class in Paxot II.  There was a good turn out with 70 children and parents.

Manuel wanted me to eat lunch with his family so I arrived an hour early.  He walked up to the church to get me and then we returned to his house.  His wife is a really good cook.  We all gathered in the kitchen and enjoyed lunch.  We had soup, tamalitos and Coke.  One of his daughters went and picked me fresh plums from their tree for desert.  Yum.........

We walked back up to the church building and began the class.

This young  guy lead us in a few songs and "professional" was his middle name!

This is the family that I lived with two years ago.  The children have really grown  lot!  Unfortunately, the oldest girl, Angelica quit school so she is no longer in the program.

This is Manuel with his family.

When we were finished for the day, I parked the truck at Lisa and Kemmel's house.  Their cat was sitting on the porch but was disappointed when it was only me.

Time for the weekend.  I thought about going to the lake but is has been raining every afternoon so I think I will stay in Chichi for the weekend.

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