Friday, May 4, 2012

Diabetic Class in San Jorge

Today, we had diabetic class  in San Jorge. 

Gaspar and I left Chichi and headed toward Santa Cruz to pick up Tomas and Enrique.  Once we were on the road we saw Sandra, my ABC daughter.  She needed a ride to Lemoa, so we offered to let her ride with us.  She told us that she heard the road was closed after Lemoa to Santa Cruz but did not know why.  Well, she was correct.  Once we got down the road another mile, the traffic had stopped and people were standing outside of the vehicles.  Apparently, a huge truck had turned over on the road and they were not making progress on re-opening the road.

Gaspar and I turned around and proceeded with a long drive through Lemoa, Mactzul I, Mactzul II and Patzite.  We called everyone to let them know of our problems and that we would eventually make it.  We arrived in Santa Cruz 90 minutes later.

We arrived in San Jorge without any further problems.  We had a small class of three students.  I was hoping to see one of Ruben's patients that needs cataract surgery but he did not come to class.  He has bilateral cataracts and is only 40 years-old.  I called him at home and told him that we can still work him into the clinic but he told me that he just did not have the time to go. I encouraged him to change his mind and hopefully, he will follow-up with Ruben on Monday.

After our class, we returned to Santa Cruz thinking that the road would surely be open after almost five hours.  When we left Santa Cruz, we could see that we were wrong.  The road was still closed but we heard that another truck had flipped over and this delay was not from the original accident in the morning.  It was just not a good day for truck drivers between Lemoa and Santa Cruz.

Tomorrow, Manuel and I will go to Mactzul III for an ABC Program.  There are 16 children in the program there and I thnk we will have a good class.

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