Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September!!


Last night I had dinner with with Lisa and Kemmel. I had a burger and fries and it was really good. They are almost packed and really looking forward to their vacation. They will head to The City tomorrow after their clinic.

On the drive to Chuguexa today, Gaspar and I caught up on things. His wife's mother has been real sick and is in the hospital. Hopefully, she will regain her strength and return home soon. He told me about a sermon that he will be preaching this afternoon................I will tell you more about that another time.

He also told me that Sergio's dad called him last night at home. He said that he is impressed by the work of Health Talents and wants so hear more about it and also about the Church of Christ. He asked Gaspar if we would think about having a clinic in Xeabaj, where they live. This is something that I would also enjoy doing but we will need to wait until October. He is a leader in the community and with him helping us, we might be able to make an impact. We will see.......

We had a small clinic of 8 patients. They have been announcing the clinic but there are now some other clinics and physicians in the area. They have even announced on the radio but the response has not been the best.

People are getting ready for the Independence Day celebration. The tuk-tuks have attached flags and the banners are flying. It will be an exciting month before the fifteenth.

I talked to Josefina a little this afternoon and she said that she is getting better.

OK, tomorrow we will have clinic in Lemoa.

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Anonymous said...

Is Sergio's father the same one I know from Clinica Ezell - Tomas? If so I am more than THRILLED!!
Always in prayer for you-