Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clinic in Lemoa, Jessica and more rain!

When we arrived in Lemoa, there were no medical patients waiting. I want to say it is because of the weather and rain but who knows.

Yesterday in Chichi, it rained for 15 hours straight and hard. The river is out of the bed again in Sepela. There is a huge mudslide near the clinic but at least one lane of traffic remains open. The guys did not have any problem coming from Paxot or Xepocol, so I am thankful for that.

Paxot II was having a special class today taught by Martin from Choacaman IV. He called early this morning and asked if Juan could drive him home from Paxot after the meeting since the trucks are not running after 4pm today. Juan said he wanted to and Gaspar offered to ride with them.

We finished seeing the few patients we had about 1 pm and then went to the hospital to see Jessica. She has been moved out of the intensive care area and is in the ward. She is moving her hands and her mouth some. She has developed a small ulcer on the back of the head from not being repositioned or turned regularly. Juan and I showed the family some exercises they can do with her. I encouraged them to continue to talk to her.

Jessica has a long way to go but our prayers are with her. I do not feel very good about the outcome but we will see. We prayed with her father before we left and that is all we can do at this time.

Juan and Gaspar headed to Paxot to get Martin. I asked them if they wanted me to ride along but they said they would be fine. At 8:30 tonight, Juan called me. He said there were many, many mudslides and fallen trees in the road. It had taken them 4 hours to drive to Paxot, which is usually a 45 minute drive. Martin had remained in Paxot and did not make it home. I am just so thankful they are safe.

Juan also told me about Francisco, who live is Patzite. He helps us with some of our clinics. He owns a small store and half of the store was destroyed by a mudslide. He asked that we remember Francisco in our prayers.

The clinic has been cancelled for tomorrow in Chuchuca due to the roads.

We will continue to pray that the rains slow down and there is no more damage. Thank you for your thoughts and emails.

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