Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Monday in Caris.............

We had a great clinic in Caris today. We had several new diabetics, a little girl with multiple surgeries and a little boy with the mumps.

Diabetics here are a challenge.....they may or may not return for their next visit, may opt not to watch their diet or they may just decided to take as many pills during the day they want for their diabetes. One gentleman returned today needing more medicine, while he should have had enough to last two months. He knew he was only suppose to take it twice a day but said he took it 3-4 times a day, depending on how much energy he needed.

A little girl came in that has had 22 surgeries. Her mother did not bring a lot of information but from what I could tell, since birth she has had problems with her kidneys. Her abdomen was covered with surgical scars. She now had a bag that collects her urine but she is full of energy and will return to school in January.

A little boy had the mumps.............he was definitely a little chipmunk!

The neighbors had invited us last week to have lunch today with them for a celebration. I asked several people through the day what the celebration was for, and no one knew.......but it was some celebration! Music played all day and the path of visitors was busy.

This is our group as we walked through the corn field to the party!

The food was great but the band was taking a break while we were there. We saw all of the neighbors and even our little shepherd lady was looking fancy! We enjoyed lunch, thanked everyone and headed back to finish seeing the patients.

Tomorrow we will go to Chutzurob...............another day and another adventure!

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