Saturday, September 25, 2010

Matthew in Chuchipaca

When we arrived in Chichupaca there were three patients waiting for us. Little by little patients arrived, wet and cold.

One man came and said that his wife has developed a real bad allergy and could not walk. He asked us to visit her in their home. When we saw all of the patients that were waiting, we drove to their house.

The lady was covered with red bumps and was swollen from head to toe. She was miserable with itching and not able to be comfortable. She said that she had not eaten anything different or had not used anything different. It reminded me of Victor, out little guy in Xepol.

The neighborhood had gathered around the house because they had heard we were there. When we returned to the clinic, we brought a few people with us.

Gaspar had asked for hot chocolate for us and when we returned, it was ready. It was hot and delicious. I had bought some bread so we enjoyed that for a few minutes before seeing the last few patients.

We ended up with 10 patients for the day, including the one home-visit.

Juan had heard the "taxi trucks" were not going to run in the afternoon due to the heavy rain. I told them I would drive them home but when we arrived in Chichi, the rain was not hard and the trucks were running.

When I arrived home, Tomasita told me about the lemon tree that had fallen in the yard. I told her that I had heard a loud crash last night but did not know what it was. The lemon tree just fell over and I am glad there was nothing under it since it is so large.

That concludes the week. Tomorrow, I will drive out to Xepocol and take Gaspar some things he needs for a class he is doing on Monday. I will stay for their worship and then return home in the afternoon.

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