Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What a clinic in Chuguexa!

We arrived in Chuguexa without any problems. It rained for most of our drive and the clouds were low, making visibility poor.

When we arrived, we had patients waiting. This is unusual in Chuguexa but it was great! We eventually saw 18 patients and it was a good clinic.

A lady came to the clinic and she had just given birth 17 days before. I asked her how her baby was and she told me that she is going real well. As we were getting ready to pray, I asked her the name of her baby. She bowed her head and at first I thought she did not hear me. Again, I asked her the name of the baby. She laughed a little and then said, "I do not remember her name." She thought real hard for a few seconds and then said, "It is Rebecca. Rebecca is her name!"

The guys and I talked about going to the hospital tomorrow and visiting Jessica again. We will see how clinic goes tomorrow in Lemoa.

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