Monday, September 6, 2010

Enjoying the sun........

Today the sun came our for about 4 hours and it seemed real good. We had 20 patients today at clinic and that was a better turn out than we first thought we would have.

While we were waiting for our lunch to arrive, we took advantage of the sun. Maury said, "Sheri you can't take this photo! They will think we are lazy!" I assured them that it was problem as we were waiting for our lunch. Yes, we did enjoy our typical lunch at the clinic which was an egg, tortillas and chili :) and of course, diet coke!

Tomas, Manuel and Juan Rafael went to the coast to help out during the surgical week there. It took them 6.5 hours since they had to go up through Xela. They did run into some mudslides which we expected. We are thankful that everyone is safe and doing well.

It continues to rain at the coast and we hope that it quits before Friday as that is when the groups leaves for Antigua.

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