Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lemoa and Victor

Today we had clinic in Lemoa.

Gaspar told me that he had received a call from Tomas in Xepol about Victor. You may remember that Victor is a young boy that we met about 2 months ago that was having seizures every day and hitting people. Because of his seizures and behavioral problems, he is not able to attend school. Since he has been coming to clinics, his seizures are better controlled and so his behavior.

Tomas told Gaspar that Victor had developed allergies, had a fever, could not talk, had quit taking his medicine and that he was having seizures every 5 minutes. My heart sunk.

We had 11 patients today in clinic.

This little girl was burnt very badly a few years ago in her kitchen by boiling water. Josefina and I met her in her home as we were visiting her grandfather a couple of years ago. At that time, her grandfather was in his mid 40s and blind due to double cataracts. He was unable to leave his bed. He had both cataracts removed in Clinic Ezell and now is enjoying life!

The guys and I just felt like we needed to go to Xepol to see Victor and his mom. We worked through lunch and at 1 PM left for Xepol. I was preoccupied during the drive, concerned what Victor's family would say and I was also praying for no afternoon rain.

We asked a lady that owns a store to watch the truck as we walked to the church. She was happy to help and let us park it close to her house, out of the road. This way, if we did have rain, we would not have problems returning home.

Victor looked so sick and sad. I kept thinking of the last time we had seen him. He had talked with me and had even smiled at Gaspar. When he left clinic, he shook our hands and thanked us. Today, he was staring at the floor again and would not talk.

Yes, had developed a rash and fever about 4 days ago and his mom had taken him to the health department. They had stopped his seizure medicine for 2 days, since they were scared. But much of what we heard, we did not find so I felt better about the situation.

His mom and his grandmother wanted to continue the seizure medicine but were scared and must needed reassurance. I had never met the other family members and thought there might be some opposition but there was not. His mom pulled out the sheet of paper that she uses to keep track of his seizures and for this month and he had only 2 seizures!

We just have to get through this. His mom said he had not eaten anything different or had been anywhere different. He had not changed soap. I did not see any bug bits. No one else in the house had it. We gave his mom some allergy medicine and then we all knelt to pray. We encouraged the family to visit the church and they will also pray for Victor.

Lisa will see Victor in October and I will be looking forward to hearing how he is doing.

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