Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parades and Chutzurob......

We slowly made our way out of Chichi this morning, bypassing the parades as we could. Tomorrow is their Independence Day and they have began to celebrate.

When we arrived in Chutzurob, there were more patients waiting than I thought there would be........and that is always exciting for me. Dental had 10 patients for the day and medical had 15 patients.

Even though I have been here almost 4 years, there are many things that continue to touch me. I remember when we first started talking about having clinics in Chutzurob, there was uncertainty on whether the congregation would support having the clinic in the "house of prayer." They decided that it would be all right and the support from the congregation has stayed strong, making it a successful clinic.

Today, Sebastian went to get a 10 year old girl that had been sick for only 2 days. He did not go and pick her up in his car but he went to her home, placed her in a chair and carried her to clinic on his back. What stronger expression of love and concern is there than that?

The girls temperature was 102.4 and the staff was very concerned for her. She had pneumonia and we gave her several different medicines.

The act of Sebastian was one of kindness and Christ-like. It was an example of how Christ washed the feet of his disciples, even when He knew they would betray him.

This is the group that often helps with clinic. Sebastian is in the yellow HTI shirt.

May we all find more ways to demonstrate His love and be servants of Christ.

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Alice B. said...

Loved your post Sheri! I am trying to follow your work more closely. Thank you for your service and dedication. Keep me updated about the church planting you told me about last week.

Blessings, Alice