Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Today the Guatemalans celebrate their independence from Spain.......and what a celebration it is!

This morning I walked up to Chichi to watch the activities. There was a long parade that wound it's way through the street and ended at the soccer field.
This group of young ladies danced their way through the streets.
This group was from the school of ballet.

This group was dancing and expression their different art forms.

This group kicked their way through the streets keeping up with their soccer balls.

After the parade, there was lots of food. People had set up tents and were cooking different soups, chicken and steak with tortillas and salad.

In the evening the rain started but the fireworks went on..............all through the night.

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in Lemoa and let's hope that the people are not too tired to come to clinic

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