Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clinic in Xepocol and follow up with patient

Today, we had clinic in Xepocol and had a clinic of 17 patients. Three of the member of the church helped us so that was an encouragement.

We had many patients with colds and cough......not unusal for this time of the year. This family came for that reason and they had a newborn with them for the ride............

This is 3-week old baby Quino. He was very content hanging with us.

When we had about four patients left, Gaspar said he wanted to talk to me. I mentioned on Friday a little girl had meningitis and we wanted to visit her and the family. Well, the dad came to visit us today at clinic. The physician in Santa Cruz said the little girl needs to go to Guatemala City for some exams but the family does not not have the money. They were told she may die even if she has them but without them, she will die for sure.

Gaspar had some things he needed to do with the ABC families this afternoon so Juan and I drove the little girl's dad back to Santa Cruz. We talked to the nurses and respiratory therapist in the unit. The little girl will to to Guatemala City tomorrow afternoon for the exams. Please remember her in your prayers and that the results will be in her favor.

Please, also remember Josefina Marcos and the Lux family. Their grandmother died late last night. I know this is a difficult time for them and they would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

With the changes in the clinic schedule tomorrow, it gives us some opportunity to get some other things done. Manuel and Juan will work at the clinic and get the lawn mowed. The grass is real tall due to the heavy rain we have had. I will take Gaspar, Maury and Martina with me and hopefully, we will have a full clinic in Mactzul VI.

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Karen said...

Keep up the GREAT work Sheri! I am praying for you and your patients daily!!