Monday, September 27, 2010


Today is a day off from clinic but there is always something to do.

I went to Santa Cruz to see Madgna and she was very sad. She told me that her brother died a few weeks ago. I had been by her house to see her twice but she was not at home. I am very sad for her. We sat in her kitchen and had a cup of coffee and talked for a while. I told what day I would be back so she will have something to look forward to.

After I left her house, I went to the hospital to look for Jessica's dad. I would have enjoyed walking to the hospital but it looked as if it would start raining at any moment. I walked around the hospital grounds three times and was unable to find him. Usually, I do not have trouble finding people since they find me first. I kind of stick out........for obvious reasons :)

I finally got back to Chichi before the heavy rain started............

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in Mactzul I and I am sure we will have an adventure!

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