Thursday, September 23, 2010

The last two days..............

The last two days have not been the best.

I first told you about the little girl in the hospital with meningitis. Her name is Jessica. She was taken to The City yesterday for different exams. The guys and I went to Santa Cruz today after clinic to talk to her dad. Well, she has a lot of blood around one side of the brain, from what Gaspar and Juan understood. I went in and talked to the nurses and they did not have anything different to say.

The situation is terrible and very sad. We stood by her bed a few minutes and it is a hopeless feeling. The father is sleeping on a floor in a waiting room and has not been able to work for two weeks. The mother is unable to visit because she is caring for the other members of the family at home. We gave him some money so he could buy some food. We will go and visit again in a few days.

Last night after I returned home, Juan called me about his wife's aunt. She is also in the same hospital after having surgery. She miscarried at home and had to be taken to the hospital for surgery. After a patient has surgery, they need to replenish the blood bank so the family is looking for doners.

I went to get Juan and we drove to Quiche so I could give blood. I did not know I needed my passport so I returned today to donate. I am the same blood type as the patient but my WBC is a little low so they would not let me donate. We were all so disappointed!

A little boy was brought to clinic by his parents today. His parents brought him because his feet and hands are swollen. When I examined him, I almost cried. He is 1yr and 7 months and only weighs 17.5 pounds. He is very lethargic, pale and barely moves. The parents said he has been this way for a week. After I listened to his heart and lungs, I turned around and when I turned back, I thought he had died. He is severly dehydrated and basically is starving. I talked to the family about going to the hospital with us after clinic. I could tell that they did not like the idea but said they would think about it. Juan also went to talk to them. We waited for them after clinic but they did not return.

It was just two days that you want to live over and maybe do something different.........but I don't know what.

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