Saturday, September 11, 2010

Visiting freinds in Antigua

The rain stopped enough so I felt it was safe to travel to Antigua to visit with the group. As I have mentioned, the heavy rains have caused some concerns and we have had to alter some plans.

Barbara was going to return to Chichi with me but we felt it safe due to the weather and the pending storms that she return home with the group. I am disapointed and when I told Tomasita, she was also disapointed. But there will be another time...... and the welcome mat will remain in front of the apartment!

I will not mention everyone's name becuause I know I will miss someone but it was great spending time with the group. Many, I had not seen since last year and some I met for the first time..........Carl!!

So, it was a nice time...............and then it was time to return home. On the way back, this was a mudslide that closed both lanes on the right side. You really have to stay alert because most of the way, two lanes are closed and they are not always marked well. Many water lines are still busted and the flowing water is not helping the situaton.

Antigua was warm and was cool and rainy in Chichi but it felt like I was back home :)

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