Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October!

As I paid my rent today, I wished Tomasita, "Happy October!!" I can not believe how fast the year has gone. I guess that is a sign of getting older or having a busier schedule.

This morning Juan called me as he was still trying to get to Chichi. They were working in the road, trying to get a lane open, but he was told it would be about 3 hours. Manuel and a few others had started out with Juan but when they knew they had gone as far as they could, they finished walking. Gaspar had walked from Xepocol to Clinica Caris.

Juan finally made it to Chichi and then on to the clinic. I stayed in Chichi, printing photos for some of our patients.

I called Josefina to see if they were ok but they were still waiting for Manuel to make it to Santa Cruz. She called me about 2 hours later and said they had arrived in Mactzul 5 but the roads had been very bad.

We are praying for some dry weather. It did rain some this afternoon but not like the last four days so maybe we will hit a dry spell.

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