Friday, October 15, 2010 evening!

Today I worked at home on a gastritis teaching sheet and a class that we will eventually be presenting in the communities. Many people suffer from heartburn, esophagitis and gastric ulcers. People always ask about their diet so it is a good opportunity for us to share the material.

In the evening, Lisa called and told me that we were invited to dinner. Pat and a group from San Antonia are here and they have been doing some construction work. Pat brings groups down a couple times a year and it is always good to see him. He is fluent in K'iche' and even then Guatemalans will tell you that he speaks the language better than they do. What an accomplishment!

Josefina and her parents were also invited to dinner. Josefina and her mom.

James and Barbara also traveled with the group. It is always good to see them!

Voces Acappella performed for us tonight and it was wonderful!! As Kemmel said on the way home, "They improve all of the time!" Tonight, they had the CD that I have been waiting for! I know that they are tired of me asking when it will be finished.........and now it is! All of the songs are in K'iche' and I am sure there is no other CD like it. What talented family they are!

Below is Pat, Mary and the group. Mary has been coming down for the last few years to work with them. I am not sure who enjoys it more, Mary or the group :)

Pat shared with us the history of the song, Xinraq K'ak' K'aslemal and how he translated that song many years ago.

It was a fun evening and it was good to see friends and make some new ones.

OK, for those of you who know Voces Acappella and would like a copy of their NEW CD in K'iche', email me and I will get you a copy.

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