Saturday, October 2, 2010

A dryer day and a day of thanks.......

This morning it slept a little later than usual and that seemed wonderful. The main goal for the day was to have coffee with Josefina, check on Paulina in Mactzul I and prepare for a short vacation.

The rain has really slowed down and I am very, very thankful. Tomorrow, I hope take a shuttle to Antigua and I am concerned if there are more mudslides, the shuttles will not run. I went to the travel agency today but he was closed. Oh yeah, the shuttle is because I am going to visit my parents in Florida.......and yes, I am extremely excited!!

I called Tomas in Mactzul I today to check on Paulina. She is the little girl with the infected hand that we saw on Tuesday. Tomas told me that Paulina's hand is much better and is not hurting her. I reinforced with him that she needs to go to Lemoa on Monday if there is more infection. When we got of the phone, I squealed and let out a, "Gracias a Dios!" I have been concerned about her hand because it was so infected. I know God answers prayer and this is just a reinforcement of that.

I called Josefina to see it she was still up for meeting. She said yes so I jumped on a bus and went to Santa Cruz. As I was waiting for the bus, there was a man also waiting and we started talking about HTI and our clinics. When we passed the clinic, I showed him where it is. Who know? We may see him or his family there.

Josefina and I enjoyed coffee and caught up on all many things that have happened this last month. There has been some sadness but also some things that give us joy. I know that she and her family are sad over the death of her grandmother but we talked about the hope that Christians have. For people who are not Christians, it is difficult for them to understand.

So, everyday we need to be thankful for what we have and each day what we are thankful for changes. I am thankful for the drier weather but people in NC are thankful they have had some rain. I remember the summer we had very little rain, here in Guatemala. We were thankful when we finally had some so the crops would grow. We need to be thankful for our health........and the improvement of our patients. The list goes on and on.....................friends, family and God's presence. I could continue but I have a shuttle to catch tomorrow!

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Mom said...

We are VERY excited too!!! Yes, God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!