Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday in Antigua

I love living in Chichi but sometimes it is good just to visit new places and have new thoughts.

I walked this morning to where the church meets. I remembered the first time I went here in 2006 and it was the hardest place to find. I can not tell you how many times I set out looking for it after language class and would return back to my room frustrated........ unable to find it. Finally, Lisa and Kemmel emailed me and said they would come and go with me. I was so excited to see them that Sunday morning since I knew I was semi-lost.

The congregation has really grown in Antigua. The place was packed. I always go for class before so I can get a seat. They are very friendly and are kind. They asked about Lisa and Kemmel.......and I forgot to tell you so when you read this, you will know! ha ha. How is this for delivering a message.

I met Mary in the park and we had lunch in one of my favorite restaurants. It is called The Travelers Menu. They have a great pasta dish that is loaded with vegetables! Yes, it is wonderful.

The rest of the day was spend chillin' and clickin' that remote control :)

I will return to Chichi in the morning and it has been a good weekend................but they all are!

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