Monday, October 25, 2010

Back in Chichi

I arrived back in Chichi mid-morning without any problems.

When I was walking to my house, Manuel stopped me and asked if I would look at his son's foot. He had hurt it on the motorcycle last week. Now, this little boy is only 5 years old but his open area is huge and deep. I went up to Lemoa to get some cream and antibiotic and returned later in the evening to clean it.

I asked Manuel if his children like to fly kites. All of the stores are selling them now since we are close to November 1st and that is All Saints Day. On that day, most people will visit the cemeteries to have a picnic on the grave site of their family and many people will be flying kites.

Manuel said that his children like to fly kites but he does not have enough time to take them. I told him that I would return another day and we would fly kites.

My phone died this morning so I went to look for a new one. Yes, I wanted a Blackberry but my conscience kept telling me I should I did not :( I will survive. I got a Samsung that has an MP3 and internet access so I will be content with that.

Tomorrow Josefina, Tomas, Manuel and I will go to Xejox to do a ABC clinic. It will be a good day.

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