Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time in Panajachel

I left Chichi about 10 am and was looking forward to a different adventure for the weekend!

Since the road between Solola and Panajachel is closed, we needed to take a different route. In Solola, we took a bus to San Jorge. The bridge will be closed for 5 months.

This is San Jorge where we jumped in the back of pickups and we rode down to the lake.

After the trucks dropped us off, we walked down to the lake to hop in the boats. The guy kept telling us that the boat could hold more. I joked with him and said, "The boat can ALWAYS hold ONE more, right!?!" He took me very serious and told me that they were only taking 18 passengers at a time.

Taking off from the dock..........

This is Pana, as we were approaching by boat.

As I was walking through Pana, this is one of the large med slides that happened earlier this year.......probably during Agatha. It caused a lot of damage and maybe even some deaths.

This is the view of the lake as I was having dinner.

I am having a great weekend and I hope you are as well!!

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Karen said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!