Monday, October 4, 2010

From Guatemala to Florida

Today I flew to Florida to spend a week with my parents as they vacation in Ft. Myers. I had been a little nervous due to the rains and mudslides but the roads were open enough to get to Antigua and then to the airport.

I met mom and dad in Miami without any problems. We stopped at a Fudrucker's for a great burger and then drove to Ft. Myers.

Mom and I walked on the beach and watched the sunset.

There were not any people on the beach.

Mom and I goofing around as she held my first DDP of the trip. Can you tell I have been up since 0300, when I left Antigua? I had my own private shuttle to the airport :)

It is good to be here without any problems. The flight was good and the weather here is warm. Tomorrow we are going kayaking with the manatees in the mangroves. I am sure it will be an adventure!!

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