Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back in Chichi.........yeah!!

OK, I am back! As I mentioned last night, it is time to switch mental gears.

The shuttle arrived at the hotel and it was a mini-bus for about 30-40 people. I have never seen it before so it must be new to the travel agency. It was less than half full but it was very comfortable.

When I arrived to Chichi, I called Kemmel to let them know I was here.

Then I called Gaspar to find out about Jessica. She is the little girl with meningitis and I wanted to go to Santa Cruz to visit her. Gaspar told me that she had been discharged and was now at home. The physicians told the family there was no more that they can do for her. She still can not speak or eat. How sad for the family.

Kemmel, Lisa and I had dinner tonight at San Juan................yes, another burger but a Guatemalan burger, unlike Mono Loco. We caught up on stuff. It has been about 6 weeks since we have really we talked about family, vacation, patients, events and just stuff. It was nice!

The suitcase looks good in the living room so I will let it sit there, unpacked until the proper time. Ha ha ha.

Good night.

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