Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clinic in Chuguexa and flying kites!

Today the guys and I headed for Chuguexa. I was hoping that we would have a busy clinic, as we did last month. We had patients waiting as we pulled up and that is unusual. We saw 15 patients and it was a good clinic.

One husband returned with his wife, who last month was extremely sick. Last month he had carried her to clinic since she was unable to walk. Today, they returned and she was able to wak to clinic. She even smiled a few times and those smiles are wonderful!

When I returned to Chichi, I asked Manul's children if they wanted to fly kites. They got all excited and then told me that they did not have a kite to fly. Hmmmmm........guess I had to buy a couple of kites.

We went behind the store to a small field. I wanted the kids to stay out of the street......yeah, right.

I think we spent more time rewinding the string and running after the kites than the kites were actually in the air.

It was fun but it was a challenge keeping 4 kids and 3 kites going

After two hours, the kids started to lose their interest and I was getting tired. I jumped on a bus and went to Quiche to get my hair cut.

Tomorrow we have clinic in Lemoa.

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