Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clinic in Chuchipaca and the start of the weekend

First, I want to thank people who have left comments on the blog. It is nice to know people are reading and thinking about the work that is taking place.

Penny, thank you for writing about the difficulty of losing a child. Everyone has struggles and they are painful. As you said, life is a vapor but if we are ready, we can rejoice at the end of this life.

Alice, you are right, every day is a different adventure. Today at clinic, we talked about different classes we would be having in the communities and I think it is exciting.

We had about 19 patients today in Chuchipaca.

After clinic, I jumped on a van to go to Antigua. I did not have any problem with the travel and all went well.

I will visit with a friend of mine, Mary, that will be returning to The States for a few months. She will be helping some people open a coffee shop for a coffee ministry. I hope that she has safe travels and the ministry is a success!!

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