Friday, October 22, 2010

Clinic in Lemoa

Today we had clinic in Lemoa. It was a small clinic with only 12 patients.

We have heard about some demonstrations that will be taking place tomorrow so we discussed if we should cancel clinics or go as planned. Marcos said that all of the stores and banks in Quiche will be closed and he also read that 30-32 main roads will be blocked. Blocked roads are one condition, patients not coming to clinic is another and then the possibility of violence also needs to be weighed in.

So, clinics are canceled for tomorrow. It will work well since Kemmel will owe the guys days after our big jornada here in November. I will work at home tomorrow and hopefully show Lisa on Saturday the gastritis presentation, close to being finished.

Lisa had a wide range of patients today. The majority of them were diabetics.

She also saw a little girl, who has a small growth on her leg. The mother will return to clinic after they have some x-rays done. Lisa gave me a crash course on bone tumors.

The last patient of the day had a small cyst in his leg. Lisa removed the cyst and the guy went on his way, needing only three stitches.

I walked up to town to pay my whopping electricity bill of $7.00 for the month. I arrived at 1645 but he would not let me in. The door states they are open until 1700 but they stop taking money at 1630...............bummer!

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Alice B. said...

I just read the last 3 posts. Isn't every day a new adventure? Praying for you and the Dunham's and all the staff. Blessings and peace be yours!