Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clean air----------Clean lungs

Today we had class in Lemoa with all of the health care promoters. Lisa prepared a good lesson and a much needed one on clean air. We took the air filter out of the truck and Lisa explained that your lungs work as an air filter for your body. There are many things as smoke in the kitchen and fumes from the buses that pollute our air.

Lisa explaining the air filter.

The class divided into two groups and each one had some work to do. This group is still reading and and thinking about the information before they start writing.

The other group is discussing as Maury gets ready to write.

Enrique and Juan volunteered to have people listen to their lungs.

It was a good class and everyone enjoyed the information. After class, we had chicken for lunch.

After everyone left, Kemmel met with us about the calendar for the rest of the week. A group will be arriving tomorrow and will be with us until Sunday afternoon. We pray that they will have a safe flight and drive to the highlands.

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