Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clinic in Xepocol

We all had breakfast at Santo Tomas Hotel this morning and then went in different directions. Our group went to Xepocol and had a good clinic in Gaspar's community.

This is Rosa and Danny. Rosa is my K'iche' translator for the week. I hopefully will learn more K'iche from her. Danny works with HTI and lives down near Clinica Ezell.

As we were setting up for the day, we were able to get a few photos. This is Julie, Kristin, Andrew and Mark before we started the consults. Julie works for HTI, Kristin is a Spanish translator, Andrew is a physician and Mark is our chaplain this week.

I am not sure why I moved when I took this photo but it is a good example of how communication barriers can be overcome. Andrew and Mary speak some Spanish but were more comfortable with a translator. Kristin helps then with this patient.

Julie and Mark pray with a patient after she has been through her consult. We really want people to understand that the clinic is the ministry of the church. The physical aspect is small part of what is taking place. We want people to be well physically but more important, spiritually.

John and Jim talking between patients.

It was a very cold day. After lunch, they built a fire for us outside.

We had 20 medical patients and 25 dental patients.

This young girl was one of the last patients of the day. She had a perforated ear drum and will visit us again in a few weeks.

After clinic today, a few of us went to do a house visit. I heard about a lady who had fallen and has been in a lot of pain. Barbara, Jim, Kristin and I drove to the lady's house and visited with her. She has not been talking anything for pain so hopefully, the medicine will help. Her son live with her and he has had difficulty taking care of her.

Before we left, we prayed with her and the family asking God to give her comfort and relief of pain.

We had dinner at the hotel and then it was back home for the night................tomorrow is another day, another adventure!!!

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