Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Bithday Geronimo!!!

Today all of us were invited to the birthday celebration of Martina's brother. Geronimo. When we arrived at the house we was out doing errands but we were served a wonderful meal of fried chicken, salad, rice and tortillas. His mom also served us some chili, that was to die for so, we are going to see if she will make us a gallon and sell it to us!

This is Geronimo.

After lunch, we sat and talked for awhile and then moved into the kitchen area. Martina's mom started talking about the cortes and huipils. She went and got a set and Lisa tried them on. They were very pretty and looked good on Lisa. We were calculating the cost and now undestand why the ladies are lucky if they get one new outfit a year.

Lisa and Martina's mom, Tomasa.

We got everyone together for a family photo.

Then we were entertained by the turkeys and other animals. The turkeys were my favorite and I thought it was very interesting that when they made noise, they all did it together as a choir and then they were all silent. They were strutting around the patio!

Martina's mom took us out to see a turkey that was sitting on a nest of chicken eggs. A turkey will sit on chicken eggs but a chicken will not sit on turkey eggs until they hatch. That does not seem quite fair. Anyway, there were several under her that had hatched and a few more that would probably hatch in a few hours.

We were then served a piece of birthday cake that was large enough for four people. We were giving a plate and a bag to take home the part we were unable to finish.

It was a good day and Happy Birthday, Geronimo!!!

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