Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Clinic in Xeabaj

The drive to Xeabaj this morning was a very pretty one. I do no think I have been this far up the road before and believe me, it was up. Today, we are having clinic in an area called Xeabaj, which means, "under the rock."

This clinic is a result of one of the babies who had their cleft lip repaired in August. His name is Sergio and his father, Tomas, asked us to come and visit their community.

When we arrived, we were still not at the top of the mountain so we finished walking it! This is the stairs that we carried all of the equipment up! Some of the men from the community are at the bottom starting up with some of our things.

It was beautiful and you could see all over!

Since there is not a Church of Christ in the community, we used a school. It was a very nice place and we had a great clinic but it was very cold..........very cold.

Here Gaspar and Juan get things organized. Then they explained the process, the services that were available, introduced us to everyone and then we prayed. The morning flew by fast.

When some of the children saw me with my camera, they wanted in on some of the action!

We had a clinic of 28 medical patients and 30 dental patients.

Sergio's sisters brought him to clinic to say hi. Lisa gave them stickers and that was a great hit with them! Sergio hid behind his sister until he saw the photo.........

Then he was ready for his action shot.

I hope that we will be able to return to this area. There is definitely a need and it seems to be a large community.

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