Monday, December 6, 2010

Highland ABC Celebration!!

Today was the Highland ABC Celebration! What a day it was!! Kemmel had everything prepared and we just put everything into motion. We met at 0600 and started getting ready for everyone to arrive. The activity was near the lake in Lemoa. It was a very nice day to be outside.

I have so many photos, I can not show them all here. People gathered early and brought their breakfast from home. My family from Paxot II shared their breakfast with me, another community bought me a coke and another brought me some oranges. It was a day of food, festivities and fun!

When it approached 0900, people moved closer to the lake for the program. Voces Acappella performed and we had a short message from Luis, who is one of the ministers in Chichicastenango.

People gathered below as the prizes were awarded the students. There were three groups of awards based on the accomplishments of the students through the year.

This group of students won third prize.

These are two students who won the first division prize.........and yes, they are my ABC Children, Emilo and Esteban! Go boys!!

This is Sandra with the group of students that won the first prize. Can you guess who is her sponsor?????

The group from Xejox wanted to present Violeta a huipil and corte from Xejox. This lady helped Violeta get it wrapped and tied.

This is Noe, my parent's ABC Child. Here he is showing off the bracelet he made.

The older boys made kites............................

and yes, they flew!!

The younger girls made bracelets. Two little girls helping each other out with getting them secured.
After lunch, it was time for the games to begin. The girls played basketball as the boys played soccer.

Yes, that is Sandra! She can handle that ball even if she is wearing a skirt. Go Sandra!! Yes, I stood at the sideline as any proud parent would :)

It was a fun day but even more important, it showed the students we support them in the ABC Program. We hope that the students who did well this year will continue to do the same next year and for those who need some improvement.........well, that they will be motivated to improve.

This is the second year we have had the celebration here in the highlands. It was a good day and we look forward to next year!

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Mom said...

Noe is growing soooo fast! What a little doll !!!!!!